About State Park

About State Park

About State Park

State Park is a restaurant disguised as a bar. The food is prepared with passion, creativity, and commitment to quality. Our menu is influenced by fine dining, modern gastronomy, dive bars, classic techniques and nostalgic family dining. The drinks selection at State Park offers something for all, whether for cocktail enthusiasts, beer drinking shuffleboard players, or diners for a magnum of wine. State Park opened in December 2013 and is currently offering dine-in and takeout options for food and drink!

The Management

Vinny Vassallo

Assistant General Manager
"can probably beat you at pinball"

Kasey Tapper

Catering & Events Manager
"still knows how to party"

Nicholas Ward

Music Director
"has seen your friend's band"

Emma Rickert

Social Media & Marketing
"just takes pics of sandwiches"


Tyler Sundet

Partner & Head Chef

Alon Munzer


Rachel Miller Munzer

Partner & CRO

Evan Harrison


Heather Mojer

Partner & General Manager

Rachel Sundet

Partner & Pastry Chef

John Kessen

Partner & Head of R&M
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